The first part of the project in this Audi R8 was to create a custom double din fascia. Our approach to any custom trim is that the final product has to appear to be factory fitted or OEM+. We created the fascia from the ground up as there was no original trim available for us to modify. The final product resembles the OEM Japanese version of the fascia, with an Audison DRC MP controller mounted in the lower section. After upgrading the stereo, the car has been brought right up to date with Apple CarPlay.

We swapped out the B&O amplifier for an Audison Prima AP8.9 Bit amplifier which features an onboard DSP (digital signal processor), allowing flexibility and precision when tuning the system, along with an Audison AP1 D amplifier.

Up front, we installed Audison Voce tweeters, Voce 3” midrange and Voce 6.5” woofers running fully active, all of which were mounted on custom-made speaker adapters. We also installed a stage 1 sound treatment package to front doors using Skinz 2mm sound deadener. We bridged the 6.5” woofers on the amplifier for that extra output, utilising all 8 channels available whilst using the 9th subwoofer output to send a signal to the Audison AP1 D amplifier for the two Audison Prima 10" subwoofers.

The speakers and amplifiers have been installed in all the factory locations, hidden away to maintain the OEM appearance within the vehicle. As large as the subwoofer enclosure is, giving it a simplistic look matching the OEM Alcantara found in the vehicle, it blends in nicely and when the seats are back in a normal position, the subwoofers are out of sight.

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  • Fully amplified active system
  • Audison AP8.9 Bit amplifier
  • Audison AP 1D amplifier
  • Audison Voce 1.1 tweeters
  • Audison Voce AV 3 speakers
  • Audison Voce AV 6.5 speakers
  • Two Audison Prima 10 subwoofers
  • Audison DRC MP controller
  • Digital signal processor
  • Full system tune
  • Custom double din fascia
  • Custom subwoofer enclosure
  • Stage 1 sound treatment
  • 2 year warranty

BUDGET £3200 - £3400