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Audi R8 Stereo Installation Kit

Audi R8 Stereo Installation Kit

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Installation kit to upgrade first-generation, right-hand drive Audi R8 original stereo to an aftermarket stereo.

This product is manufactured to order and will have a two to three day lead time for dispatch.

What's included?

Double Din Fascia Kit'

  • RTA Double Din Fascia
  • Mounting hardware
  • Stereo tabs
  • Magnetic mount

'Wiring Harness Kit'

  • Wiring harness
  • Steering wheel retention wiring harness
  • FM radio retention wiring harness
  • Patch lead for steering wheel control compatibility

'Reversing Camera Retention Wiring'

  • Composite video cable
  • Adapter cable for original camera integration



  • First-generation Audi R8 2006 - 2015
  • Right-hand drive only
  • Compatible with basic and B&O audio systems

Please note that no stereos are included in this sale.

Do I need to do any additional wiring when purchasing 'Wiring Harness Kit'?

All the necessary wiring for this installation is provided in the 'wiring harness kit', apart from the reverse camera retention wiring, but this can be purchased additionally. The wiring harness provided will need to be connected to the wiring loom that is provided with your stereo.

The patch lead will need to be pinned in a particular configuration depending on what brand your stereo is. This is very simple to do, requires no special tools and instructions are provided.

My Audi R8 has a reversing camera fitted from the factory, will I still be able to use this?

Yes, with the reversing camera retention wiring, the factory fitted reversing camera will remain functional. The resolution of the camera's image will remain the same as it was originally unless you upgrade the camera to an aftermarket one. If you intend to upgrade the camera as well then the reversing camera retention wiring kit isn't required, as the necessary wiring will come provided with your camera. Just make sure that you check the compatibility between your camera choice and your stereo choice.

One more thing to note regarding the functionality of the factory fitted camera is that the guidelines will not move in relation to the steering wheel position. The guides can be set on the aftermarket stereo for positioning, but the guidelines will remain static.

Will my steering wheel buttons remain functional?

Yes, the steering wheel controls will remain functional. The operation may differ depending on the stereo choice, but voice activation for Siri/Google Assistant, volume control etc will all work as you would expect.

I can see that the fascia is secured into the vehicle with magnets, will this rattle when driving?

No, I haven't experienced any rattles of any kind from the fascia or had reports when following up with customers that they've experienced any rattling either. The area where the magnets are located is firmly secured and the lip at the top that tucks under is wrapped in Tesa loom tape so it isn't plastic on plastic.

Will the aftermarket stereo recognise, play and display information from the Audi original CD changer located between the seats?

No, the CD changer will no longer be connected to the system and will not talk directly to the aftermarket stereo. There may be additional wiring available to allow the CD changer to remain functional, however, it isn't something I'm offering at this time.

Will my AUX port still work that's located in the armrest?

The wiring provided doesn't include retention of the AUX port, however, I do have a custom made USB port that replaces the entire AUX port housing. This will need to be plugged into the USB cable that is provided with your aftermarket stereo. This will enable you to plug your device into the port for charging and data transfer.

This port can be purchased here -

Does this upgrade require any modification to the vehicle?

No, there is absolutely zero modification required to the vehicle when fitting this kit. All the wiring provided plug directly into the plugs found in the vehicle. The fascia fitting kit has been designed to ensure that no modification is required and that it is 100% reversible.

How do I attach the stereo to the mounting tabs provided in this kit?

Your stereo will come with a packet of screws which are used to mount the stereo to the stereo tabs. Your stereo is likely to come with a stereo cage as well, this is not needed for this install, neither is the black trim ring that affixes to the front of the stereo.

What stereos are compatible with this fascia?

Any stereo that is standard double din size will fit this kit with screens ranging from 6.2" to 7". It is common that cheaper non-branded stereos do not follow industry-standard sizing for the screen size or 'nose' size. I always recommend using a reputable brand such as Pioneer, Alpine, Sony etc, as they do follow the standard sizing. The opening on the fascia does follow industry standard sizing.